Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams Paint Color Review

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The color black is a staple in many different design styles including modern farmhouse along with organic modern and Scandinavian which are gaining in popularity and trending in 2024. Black is chic but also classic, making it a great choice because it never goes out of style. 

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular black paint colors for homeowners wanting to incorporate black into their design.  But what makes this black paint color better than others? 

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SW 6258 Tricorn Black – A True Black Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is a “true” black. With no evident undertones like blue or brown that you can sometimes find in other shades of black, it is arguably the perfect black paint color.

Available in a range of finishes including matte finish, satin, and semi-gloss, it can work in almost any space. 

LRV of Tricorn Black

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is an important factor in understanding its visual impact and light absorption capabilities.

This deep and rich pure black hue possesses a low LRV, indicating its ability to absorb light rather than reflect much light. With an LRV typically around 2-3, Tricorn Black creates a dramatic and intense visual effect, making it an ideal choice for spaces where a bold, moody feel is desired.

This low reflectance contributes to its commanding presence, enhancing its suitability for accent walls, architectural features, or modern and sophisticated interiors.

When considering Tricorn Black for your color palette, it’s essential to acknowledge its low LRV and plan lighting accordingly to ensure the best results for your desired atmosphere within the space.

We took all of this research into consideration before beginning the remodel on our main bathroom. We knew we wanted to go with black cabinets for a touch of drama. The design was modern farmhouse and we had chosen a white paint color for the shiplap on the walls

cabinets painted in tricorn black sherwin williams
Tricorn black linen cabinet.

I researched different blacks and landed on SW Tricorn Black. Other black shades I looked at didn’t quite stack up. 

When compared to Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams they were either more of a charcoal or had undertones that made them look either brown-black or bluish-black in different lighting. Of all the shades, Tricorn Black really was the truest blacks I could find.

We chose a satin finish in a high-quality cabinet paint. It wasn’t the Sherwin Williams brand so the gentleman at the hardware store looked up the hex code (#2C2B2C) for us to mix the paint. The bathroom cabinets turned out fantastic and I get compliments on this bold color all of the time! 

TIP: A great way to compare colors without the mess is by using Samplize! Order your peel-and-stick samples and place them together in your space to see how they compare and look in different lighting! This is a great resource if you’re painting the interior of your home!

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Comparing Tricorn to Other Blacks

So if Tricorn Black is a “true” black, how does it measure up against other popular Sherwin Williams black shades?

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams vs Iron Ore Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is a beautiful softer black that has gained popularity over the last few years. Some consider it black, but it’s not a “true” black, having more of a dark charcoal feel to it.

Iron Ore, while still commanding, offers a slightly higher LRV, allowing for more light reflection and revealing subtle brown undertones. This neutral black introduces warmth and versatility, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a softer, yet still impactful, black for interior or exterior spaces.

The decision between Tricorn Black and Iron Ore hinges on the desired mood and the balance of richness and warmth you wish to achieve in your home.

See how it compares to Tricorn: 

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Tricorn Black vs Black Magic

Black Magic is another popular black by Sherwin Williams and is close to Tricorn Black on the color chart. While Tricorn is considered the truest black, Black Magic is very close.

Where Tricorn Black exudes a timeless and bold elegance, Black Magic introduces a subtler complexity, making it well-suited for those seeking a black with a hint of mystery that adapts seamlessly to various design schemes.

See how they compare: 

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Sherwin Williams Caviar vs Tricorn Black

SW Caviar is in between Tricorn and Black Magic on the color chart so it’s also very close in shade to Tricorn and would also be a great option. Caviar boasts a refined depth with a slightly higher LRV, revealing undertones of charcoal and brown, giving the perfect balance between boldness and warmth. 

Be sure to look at all colors in different lighting to get the full effect of how it will appear in your space!

Here’s how Tricorn Black and Caviar compare:

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Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams for the Home

Tricorn Black Interiors Doors

We had outdated flat interior doors that had been painted in a cream color at some point by the previous owners. They looked dirty and outdated.

Since doors can be expensive to replace, not to mention having to worry about new doors not fitting right due to settling in older homes, we opted to paint them and change out the hardware.

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams Paint Color Review 6
Tricorn black interior doors with white trim.

What a difference using Tricorn black on our interior doors made! Now our sleek black doors with white trim look updated and classy instead of tired and dated!

Tricorn Black Cabinets

Tricorn Black on kitchen and bathroom cabinets can add elegance and some drama to your space. We painted our bathroom cabinets in this black and added antique brass pulls for contrast.

Black and white bathroom
Tricorn black on bathroom cabinets.

Tricorn as a Wall Color

Another popular trend in the design world right now is a monochromatic look. This especially looks great in a room with a lot of natural light.

You may choose to paint an accent wall with this blackest black for a touch of drama. Or you may use it as a trim color and wall color and paint the entire room. In this way it becomes the backdrop where you can bring in a neutral color for furniture and decor to offset the dark space.

Tricorn Black Front Door

Black front doors make a bold and beautiful statement and can really add curb appeal to a home. Such a versatile color, Tricorn looks great with brick exteriors as well as bright colored exteriors, white exteriors and neutral exteriors like gray or beige.

Check out this beautiful door painted in Tricorn Black featured on the Sherwin Williams blog!

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams Paint Color Review 7
Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams front door.

Tricorn Black Exterior of a Home

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black can be a great option for the exterior of your home. Use it on the front door, shutters, garage doors or trim as an accent color.

Or go bold and paint the entire house black – this works especially well if your home lends itself to mid-century modern or modern farmhouse style!

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams Paint Color Review 8
Black painted brick exterior.

Other Tricorn Black FAQs:

Is Tricorn Black too black?

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams is considered a “true” black, but only you can decide if it’s too dark for your space. I recommend using Samplize peel-and-stick paint samples and trying different shades in your space.

If you’re not wanting to commit to black, try a shade like SW Iron Ore.

Is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black warm or cool?

SW Tricorn is a true black with no evident undertones making it a perfect neutral with no warm or cool tones.

Does Tricorn Black look blue?

No, Tricorn Black doesn’t have any undertones like blue or brown, which is why it’s considered a “true” black.

What color goes best with Tricorn Black?

If you’re looking to coordinate colors with Tricorn Black from the Sherwin Williams line, Sherwin Williams Extra White, Repose Gray, Accessible Beige, Chantilly Lace, or Sea Salt are all great options! 

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