Wet Bar to Coffee Bar Makeover Reveal

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Making our wet bar into a coffee bar

Hey there, friend! I have another exciting post to share with you today! We finished the makeover of our wet bar and I can’t wait for you to see it!

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To Keep or Not to Keep

We really had a hard time deciding what to do with this area. At first, we didn’t see the point in even having it and had thought about getting rid of it when we eventually redo the kitchen. The wet bar is just on the other side of the kitchen and we never used it.

We went back and forth but finally decided to turn it into a coffee bar. There’s already one in the kitchen, which was another reason we didn’t think we’d use the wet bar.

Current Coffee Nook

I love this dresser and it’s been perfect for a coffee bar. I’m able to keep extra cups in the drawers and store all of my hubby’s necessities like his French press, coffee grinder, pour-over, and beans. He might be a little bit of a coffee snob haha! I can also keep my extra stock of k-cups in them.

But, I’ll be able to move all of this over to the storage area under the wet bar shortly, and this area just made sense for a coffee bar so we went for it!

coffee barWet Bar to Coffee Bar Makeover Reveal 1

Wet Bar Turned Coffee Bar


before wet barWet Bar to Coffee Bar Makeover Reveal 2

Yikes! How do you like that wallpaper? Really it’s amazing to us that the only thing that had ever been updated in this house cosmetically was our master bathroom and the flooring in the main areas of the house. Everything else was mostly original to the house, which was built in 1972.


wet bar turned coffee barWet Bar to Coffee Bar Makeover Reveal 3

Keep the sink?

At first, we thought we’d get rid of the sink to make enough room for our Keurig and accessories. But then we decided it would be pretty handy to be able to refill the Keurig right there at the sink so we opted to move it over to the left instead.

We kept the original sink and faucet because they still looked fine and it saved money!

after wet barWet Bar to Coffee Bar Makeover Reveal 4


We chose to shiplap over the wallpaper, as we’ve discovered they applied the paper directly to the sheetrock and it’s not coming off without ripping holes in the wall. Shiplap was an easy solution, plus I’d been wanting to incorporate it in our home anyway!

We bought the primed shiplap so it just needed a quick coat of white paint to finish it off.

Check out our video on how we installed a budget-friendly shiplap on our kitchen island!

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wet bar afterWet Bar to Coffee Bar Makeover Reveal 5

Butcher Block

We went with a butcher block countertop and stained it to match our mantle and barn doors in the entryway. We used Varathane’s Briarsmoke. It has a gray undertone to it that also blends well with our dining room table so it all ties together.


I decided on gray for the cabinets and I LOVE how they turned out! I used Valspar’s Furniture Paint and could go on and on about it! In fact, I think I will write a review on it soon! UPDATE: Read Valspar Furniture Paint Review here. We finished off the gray cabinets with these black knobs that tie into our built-in black hutch across from the bar.

wet bar cabinets with black knobs


The box for the light had to be moved from the ceiling to the top of the wall. I love that my hubby is so handy and was able to do that in no time! I had originally pictured a black gooseneck light for the space, but then I found this galvanized light at Lowe’s and changed my mind! It’s perfect for this nook.

wet bar galvanized light

galvanized light

a few more details

We have a few more details to add like a sign or a shelf under the light and some hooks to hang cups on, but we are thrilled with how the coffee bar turned out! I will be sure to share more pics when it’s all decorated!

UPDATE: It’s decorated! Here’s how it turned out! For more updated pics, check out the related posts below!

coffee bar

Thanks so much for stopping by today! For more farmhouse style inspo, follow me on Instagram! Have a great day!

Making our wet bar into a coffee bar


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