Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: A Popular Gray

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Revere Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors for interiors and there’s a good reason why! I’m answering all your questions about this popular gray!

Is Revere Pewter gray or beige?

According to Benjamin Moore’s site, Revere Pewter is classified as a light gray with warm undertones.

The warm undertones push this color into the “greige” category, the perfect mixture of gray and beige for a neutral color that works in almost any space!

The light reflective value of Revere is 55. Anything over 50 will be better about reflecting light in a room and this is why Revere is a great option. But what does light reflective value mean?

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Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: A Popular Gray 1

LRV (Light Reflective Value)

One of the first things designers consider when choosing paint colors for a home is the light reflective value.

Light reflective value or LRV indicates the percentage of light a paint color will reflect. Using a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (pure white), colors are assigned a value accordingly. The lighter the color, the higher LRV.

This is important when considering the lighting in your space. The less light in your space, the less light there is to reflect. Rooms with fewer windows or insufficient lighting sources will not reflect the color as intended.

You also need to consider which direction room faces as this will affect the lighting, as well.

Pro tip: Use peel-and-stick Samplize paint samples for an easy mess-free way to test different paint colors!

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What color looks good with Revere Pewter?

Revere is a very versatile greige that looks amazing with pure or creamy whites, dark greens, moody blues, and even black!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Coordinating Colors

If you’re looking specifically for Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter coordinating colors for an accent wall, cabinets, or trim work there are several great options.

BM Fog Mist is a creamy off-white that pairs beautifully with Revere Pewter. Use it on trimwork or cabinets for a nice pop against greige walls.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is the perfect moody navy and complements Revere nicely. Use it to add some drama to an accent wall or niche.

Choosing a cabinet color for your kitchen or bathroom? BM Amherst Gray is timeless medium gray that lends a classic look against Revere Pewter walls.

What Sherwin Williams color is similar to Revere Pewter?

While there is no exact match, Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray are arguably the closest paint colors to Revere Pewter because they have similar undertones.

Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray are both slightly lighter shades of gray with Agreeable Gray having an LRV of 60 and Repose Gray having an LRV of 58, which means they reflect more light than Revere.

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What is the Behr equivalent to Revere Pewter?

With an LVR of 61, Cotton Grey by Behr is also similar to Revere Pewter. Slightly lighter in shade, Cotton Grey will also reflect more light.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: A Popular Gray 4

What white goes best with Revere Pewter?

As mentioned, Revere is versatile and looks great with both pure and creamy whites. A great choice would be Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. With a slightly gray undertone, Decorator’s White complements Revere nicely.

Does White Dove go with Revere Pewter?

Another great option is White Dove. A soft white, Benjamin Moore White Dove is one of their most popular whites for a classic look on trim, cabinets, and molding. It pairs beautifully with Revere.

Lighting and Undertones

Depending on your lighting, colors can look different in one space than in another due to the undertones. What looks beige in one space can take on a slightly pink tone in another due to the lighting.

Revere is no exception to this and if you’re working with low-quality lighting, Revere may not be the color for you.

It’s important to try out paint samples in the room you’re intending to paint first so you can get a feel for the lighting and visualize if the color will work or not.

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Does Revere Pewter have green undertones?

Revere has multiple undertones and because of this can look quite different depending on the lighting in the space. Every once in a while it can have a slight blue or violet tint to it and more often can take on a kind of green shade.

Can Revere Pewter look pink?

Since Revere has warm undertones and leans more toward greige, it can appear more beige or even slightly pink in the wrong lighting.

Make sure you paint a large swatch in the room giving it two coats of paint to get a true feel for how it will look and if it will work in your room!

Can you lighten Revere Pewter?

Any paint, including Revere, can be lightened. When you’re having the paint mixed at the hardware store, just ask them to mix it at 75% or 50% for a lighter shade of the same color!

What is one shade darker than Revere Pewter?

If you’re looking for a moodier gray, Benjamin Moore’s Thunder is one shade darker than Revere.

Thunder by Benjamin Moore

In the same way you can lighten a paint color, you can also have Revere darkened if you like the color but just want it a bit darker. Let them know when you’re having the paint mixed that you would like it 25% to 50% darker so they can make the adjustment.

Pro tip: Use peel-and-stick Samplize paint samples for an easy mess-free way to test different paint colors!

Popular Paint Color for Interior Walls

Revere can look amazing in any space as long as the lighting is right. A popular shade for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and more, this gray can make a room go from BLAH to WOW in no time!

Revere Pewter in the Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: A Popular Gray 5
Source: Home Bunch

Revere Pewter in the Living Room

Revere Pewter in the Bedroom

Revere Pewter in the Bathroom

What does Revere Pewter look like on Cabinets?

Revere is a classic neutral. The light warm gray hue makes the perfect selection for kitchen cabinets! Check out these beautiful kitchen cabinets painted in Revere.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: A Popular Gray 9
Source: Lance Johnson Building Company

Does Revere Pewter go with Oak Cabinets?

As long as the lighting is right, Revere walls with oak cabinets are a beautiful combination. Revere walls with oak flooring is also a great match.

Either way, oak wood paired with Revere work really well together in almost any space.

What color of curtains go with Revere Pewter walls?

Because Revere is such a great neutral, you can pair almost any color of curtain with this classic gray. From blues and greens to mustard yellow or creamy whites, the options are endless!

Don’t be afraid to choose curtains with a pattern to add some interest to your space! Need more advice on curtains? Check out this article by Elle Decor.

How does Revere Pewter compare to other popular gray colors?

Gray paint is the trend right now and people often want to know how Revere compares to other popular grays for interior paint.

Repose Gray vs. Revere Pewter

As mentioned, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray has an LRV of 58 compared to Revere’s 55.

Repose Gray is a lighter shade of gray and will reflect more light than Revere, but it still has warm undertones which also put it more in the “greige” category”.

In my opinion, of all the popular gray colors, Repose Gray most closely resembles Revere.

This side-by-side comparison shows the difference between Repose Gray vs. Revere Pewter.

Gray Owl vs Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is another popular gray for interior walls. It’s also a lighter gray than Revere with an LRV of 65.

It has slightly warm undertones but overall is a cooler gray than Revere.

This side-by-side comparison show the difference between Gray Owl vs. Revere.

Edgecomb Gray vs Revere Pewter

Defined by Benjamin Moore’s site as an earthy, organic neutral, Edgecomb Gray is a light, warm gray.

BM Edgecomb has an LRV of 63 compared to Revere’s 55 so it will reflect more light in a room.

This side-by-side comparison shows the difference between Edgecomb Gray vs. Revere.

Agreeable Gray vs Revere Pewter

One of Sherwin William’s most popular colors, Agreeable Gray is often chosen for interior walls, cabinets, and more.

As mentioned, SW Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 60 compared to Revere’s 55 so it will also reflect more light in room than Revere and is a slightly lighter shade of greige.

This side-by-side comparison show the difference between Agreeable Gray vs. Revere Pewter.

What if I’m not close to a Benjamin Moore location?

Not close to a Benjamin Moore store? No problem! Benjamin Moore paint is only sold in their storefront and on their website. However, most major hardware stores have the color codes in their system!

I’ve used this hack many times when Home Depot or Lowe’s didn’t sell the paint color I was looking for.

Simply give the associate the name of the paint color or the color number and they can mix it for you. If you’re not sure of the color codes for your desired paint color you can Google the hex color code (ex. “Agreeable Gray hex color code”) and find it that way.

Is Revere Pewter still popular in 2021? Revere Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors for interiors and there’s a good reason why!

We’ve covered the spectrum of Revere and if you’re considering using it in your home’s color palette, hopefully you have a better idea if it’s a good choice for your space.

Great for open floor plans, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more, it’s easy to see why this versatile paint color is a favored choice among designers and homeowners alike!

As mentioned, Revere is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors. Neutral grays are still most in-demand for interiors and even exteriors and Revere is no exception.

Revere Pewter is still popular in 2021 and will continue to be a popular color in the future thanks to its classic warm hue and light neutral tones.

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