Hale Navy Benjamin Moore: Our Paint Color Review

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Benjamin Moore is known for their regal paint and extensive color options that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.

They offer over twenty-three hundred paint colors in high-end finishes, many of which are part of their exclusive Victoria and William collections.

One of their most popular hues is the blue paint color, Hale Navy Benjamin Moore. This perfect navy is part of their extensive historic classics collection.

The collection includes colors that are inspired by the well-loved shades from eras gone by. The Victoria and William colors are even more exclusive, as they are either inspired by the designs of Queen Victoria or those of her daughter, Queen Charlotte.

In discussing Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint, it’s worth mentioning that this hue is a deep blue with brown undertones.

It has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 8, meaning it’s a dark, deep navy. It offers incredible hide and provides an excellent backdrop for any color in the neutral family.

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Navy Blue: Fresh Look

Navy blue has been trending over the last couple of years and for good reason.

BM Hale Navy is a shade of navy blue that is a timeless classic but can also give your home a fresh new look. It can provide a calm feeling and make your home feel serene and peaceful.

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore pulls from the luxurious nature of velvet with the dark blue hue.

This color is a popular choice for those looking to use navy as an accent or as a feature wall, as its deep tones make it easy to mix and match with other colors.

A versatile color, it adds a great depth of color and is beautiful for use on cabinets or doors, too!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Coordinating Colors

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore pairs well with any color of the gray family, including cooler neutrals like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cloud. It also goes well with warm neutrals like taupe, or even bright colors like red.

Hale Navy paint looks especially nice with lighter neutrals like cream, ivory, and even white. Try Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace or Swiss Coffee for a beautiful combination.

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore: Our Paint Color Review 1
Hale Navy front door with Revere Pewter walls. Source: Laura at The Turquoise Home

Hale Navy and Revere Pewter

A winning combination, Hale Navy paired with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is a show-stopper. The deep blue of Hale next to Revere Pewter’s subtle greige is stunning.

Try using Hale Navy on kitchen or bathroom cabinets with Revere Pewter paint on the walls. You can’t go wrong!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Hale Navy Cabinets

Navy blue is a great choice if you’re wanting to make a statement with your cabinets.

Hale Navy looks great with light or dark woods and comes in both matte and semi-gloss finishes making it great for any style of home whether traditional or more modern.

Hale Navy Kitchen Cabinets

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore is a popular color for kitchen cabinets because it is a deep dark blue with a sleek and modern look.

A darker shade of blue goes well with most kitchen colors and it blends nicely to make a kitchen appear larger.

When you are looking for a dark color, Hale is a good choice because even though it’s dark, it isn’t overwhelming. The color also looks really nice with lighter grays or off-white colors as well as beiges.

In this kitchen by Bold City Properties, white walls with white uppers and Hale Navy lowers pair with gold hardware for a stunning combination.

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore: Our Paint Color Review 2
Source: Bold City Properties

Or pair this navy with nickel hardware for a more modern feel that really pops.

hale navy kitchen cabinets
Modern navy kitchen cabinets.

Hale Navy Door

Black is trending for interiors doors but Hale Navy is also a great choice for doors, especially if you have white walls.

Try using it on your bedroom doors, or start with a door in an area by itself to give yourself a chance to see if you’d like it throughout your home.

Because the color is very versatile, it can be paired with a lot of different colors which makes it a great choice for any area of your home.

Hale Navy Front Door

Bold colors on front doors are all the rage and Hale Navy Benjamin Moore is just the color to make a beautiful statement and give great curb appeal.

Hale Navy Accent Walls

Navy blue is a great color for walls because it is bold yet not overwhelming. The dark shade of Hale Navy blue allows the wall to become the focal point without being so much that it overtakes the room.

Pair Hale Navy paint with lighter colors like lavender, mint green or even a light gray to help soften the room and give it a calm and relaxing feel.

navy blue accent wall with brown sofa
Monochromatic navy accent wall and trim.

Hale Navy in the Bathroom

This rich hue can look great in the bathroom if you’re going for a dark moody feel. Paint all the walls including the ceiling for some dramatic flair. You can also use it as an accent wall.

This more modern bathroom vanity features a butcher block counter against navy walls. The white and gray blocked tile pops against the dark blue paint.

navy blue bathroom
Modern navy bathroom walls and vanity.

Hale Navy Bathroom Vanity

Hale is the perfect choice for a bathroom vanity, especially against lighter walls that will really allow it to stand out. This beautiful bathroom by Amy Storm and Co. features a stunning vanity painted in Hale Navy.

Paired with gold accents against a neutral wall color, the navy gives a beautiful pop of color!

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore: Our Paint Color Review 3
Source: Amy Storm and Co.

Navy Blue Exterior Paint

If you’re looking to go navy on the exterior of your home whether you’re using it to paint the whole house or as an accent on your front door, shutters, or garage door, Hale Navy is a great choice.

Hale Navy Coordinating Colors Exterior

Pair Navy Hale on window shutters and your garage with a stained wood front door and Benjamin Moore’s White Dove as your main house color.

If you’re going with a gray or beige exterior for the main color, use Hale Navy on your front door and go with a white trim.

Or go all out and use Hale Navy as your main color with a pretty white trim and wood accents for your shutters, garage doors and front door! 

navy blue exterior paint with white trim
Beautiful exterior by @vintageflipper in Hale Navy

Hale Navy vs Sherwin Williams Naval

How does Hale Navy stack up against other dark blue hues? Sherwin Williams Naval is another popular navy blue used in homes.

When placed side-by-side you can see that Hale Navy has more gray undertones giving it a stormy blue hue. Sherwin Williams Naval reflects more light and has a more classic navy feel to it.

If you’re torn between the two try ordering peel and stick samples from Samplize to see what they would look like in your space without the mess!

Time-Honored Tradition of Benjamin Moore

Now that we’ve discussed the merits of Hale Navy for interiors and exteriors and the best coordinating colors, I want to go over the advantages of choosing Benjamin Moore paint.

BM is one of the most popular choices of interior designers because it has stood the test of time. In the world of premium paint, BM has earned a heritage of quality.

They use the latest technology so their customers can experience premium performance with the most popular paint colors available.

Whether you’re looking for paint for high-traffic areas or low-traffic areas, Benjamin Moore can provide your precise paint needs. They offer a range of finishes including a luxurious matte finish and the slight sheen of eggshell for a softly polished glow.

All this and more so you can choose the sheen of your choice for beautiful results that last.

How Much Paint Do I Need?

The amount of wall paint you will need depends on the total square footage of the interior paint job.

You want to make sure you purchase the right number of gallons so you’ll need to measure the length of each wall to find the total wall area. Benjamin Moore offers this handy calculator to help you calculate how much paint to purchase for your project.

Hale Navy FAQs

What colours go with Hale Navy?

Try creamy whites like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace or Linen. Greiges like Revere Pewter also look great or you can go with a cooler gray or a warm taupe.

Is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy too dark?

The light reflective value (LRV) of Hale Navy is 6.3, which means it’s dark, but not so dark it looks black. It’s a beautiful classic navy blue meant to give you the feeling of the sea.

Does Hale Navy look black?

Hale Navy is a rich dark navy blue, but still reflects enough light that it doesn’t come off as black.

Is Hale Navy a good exterior paint color?

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a great exterior paint color because it is dark, but not so dark that it appears black. It’s the perfect blue to use on your front door or navy garage doors.

Is Hale Navy too dark for kitchen cabinets?

Hale Navy can be a great choice for kitchen cabinets, but be sure to check the lighting in your kitchen first to make sure you’re happy with how the color looks in your space.

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore: A Great Choice for Homes

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore is a great choice for your house whether its kitchen cabinets, accent walls, a bathroom and more. The deep dark blue color is classic yet perfect for today’s home.

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