Cool Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover

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Looking for inspiration for cool teen boy bedroom ideas on a budget? Need bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms? Keep reading!

We have three kids, two sons and a daughter in the middle. Our boys used to share a bedroom. But they are five years apart and as our oldest reached the teenage years it was clear he needed his own space.

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We ended up moving him into what had been the guest bedroom. It had a king-size bed, which was really too big for the space. The walls were gray and the ceiling fan outdated.

He lived with it that way for over a year but he hated it. He didn’t have enough room, the gray paint was depressing and he hated the old light.

messy bedroom

It was time this space got a cool teen boy bedroom makeover!

Planning the Space

Here’s a list of things we considered when renovating his bedroom:

  • Size
  • Function
  • Furniture
  • Theme
  • Paint colors
  • Lighting
  • Storage space
  • Wall decor

And, of course, BUDGET-FRIENDLY!

Size, Function, and Furniture

Maddox’s room is the smallest bedroom at about 12×12. He’d had his king-size bed, full drum set, dresser, and all his junk (he keeps EVERYTHING) shoved into that small space.

We decided to go down to a queen-size bed. We moved the drum set to a different room. We kept the dresser.

This didn’t cost us anything because our daughter was wanting to downgrade her queen-size bed to a smaller size so she could have more room to play.

We sold the king bed on Facebook Marketplace and used the money toward the room.

Baseball themed room

Do a quick Google search for “teen boys room” or “teen boy room ideas” and you’ll be flooded with suggestions. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re on a budget.

It’s easier (and more fun!) if you have a theme in mind. Thankfully our son had a good idea of what he wanted.

He knew he wanted a baseball themed room. He’s played competitive baseball since he was seven and it’s his dream to play at the college level and beyond.

cool teen boy bedroom

We searched Amazon for bedding and found this baseball-themed bed set. He thought it was really cool and the price was great at $45!

Cool Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover 1

Paint colors

When choosing paint colors I look for inspiration in things we enjoy in everyday life.

For his room, Maddox wanted the same color I’ve always painted his room. It’s a light blue that I chose years ago inspired by a throwback St. Louis Cardinals jersey my hubby had.

We’ve moved several times over the years for my hubby’s job, so for Maddox, having that same blue color makes him feel at home.

I chose a mid-range gray as an accent color I’ll talk more about later.

I used Glidden Paints and it was $18 a gallon.


Lighting is such an important factor to consider in any space and this cool teen boy bedroom was no exception! His room only has one smaller window and Maddox hated that it felt dark.

We started by updating the old ceiling fan with a more modern one we found for a great price ($70) at Home Depot.

Then we opted for two matching wall lamps, one on either side of his bed so he can read, etc. They’re on a dimmer so he can turn the brightness up or down. We found them on Amazon during Black Friday and they’re no longer available, but you can find similar ones here.

black wall light

Instead of curtains that might make the room feel darker, we opted for white faux wood blinds (Less than $50 from Steve’s Blinds) and a wood accent piece we DIY’ed at the top of the window for a finished modern look.

wood valance


As I mentioned earlier, this boy keeps EVERYTHING. The underneath of his bed and his closet were packed to the brim with his keepsakes.

We did go through and declutter a lot of it, but there was still a lot he wanted to keep.

outdated closet
Closet before

We ended up adding two shelves to his closet for storage. We painted his closet walls the same light blue and painted the wood shelves and shoe rack gray.

We added gray cloth storage boxes we found at Wal-Mart for $5 each.

We purchased matching gray hangers and with an organized closet he now has room to hang more of his clothes up, making more room in his dresser.

blue boy closet
Closet after

Then we purchased a tall matching gray laundry basket from Target for $10 to use as a hamper for dirty clothes.

Wall Decor

Instead of a headboard, we decided to do a faux shiplap accent wall. I’m going to share that process soon, but total cost was around $50. We did 2/3 of the wall in the shiplap, painted it gray, and centered his bed on it.

Each of the bedrooms had outdated intercom speakers. Rather than sheet rock the hole and have to worry about matching the textured walls, we used some leftover wood, stain, and hooks and made a coat rack to fit over it. Perfect for his backpacks, jackets, etc.!

coat rack and wall light

He already had a picture of his baseball team and we centered it over the bed.

He had trophies and medals, rings, and signed baseballs he wanted to display. We already had two wood and metal shelves from Hobby Lobby so we used them for these treasures.

wood and metal shelving

He already had some other baseball decor from our previous home (we had also purchased at Hobby Lobby) so we hung that with the shelving and then centered his dresser under.

His dresser was a $25 purchase from a friend’s garage sale years ago that I painted and added updated hardware.


Wow, what a difference! And we did it all for less than $350! We still need nightstands, so I’ll update this post when we settle on some. But, now Maddox has a cool teen boy bedroom he can be proud of!

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