Simple Master Bedroom Reveal

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Give your master bedroom a fresh look for a fraction of the cost!

Updating a space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Today I’d like to share our simple master bedroom reveal and give some low-cost suggestions on how you can update your space on a dime!

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In all of our previous homes, we either didn’t do anything to our master bedroom or we waited until we had to move and then we’d give it a quick update to get it ready to go on the market. It wasn’t because we didn’t want to. It just seemed like other spaces took priority.

Master Bedroom Makeover

This time around we decided to focus on the master bedroom from the beginning.


We started by selling our old bedroom set and invested in a new headboard and dresser from the Magnolia line (read the review here).

But from there, we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on it so we looked for budget-friendly options to give it an updated feel so it would be a space we both enjoyed spending time in.

Magnolia Dresser in Master Bedroom


We started by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Painting is just about the most cost-effective upgrade you can make! We purchased one $18 gallon of Glidden’s Silver Screen, which is a really light gray, and gave the walls two coats.

The trim had been previously painted in an off white. Once we painted the walls, the trim looked yellow. We gave the trim a fresh coat of semi-gloss white so it would pop against the gray.

Simply painting the room made it so much brighter and more welcoming!

New Blinds

We also decided to invest in new blinds. The blinds that came with the house were old and broken and looked terrible. We decided to replace them with two-inch faux wood white blinds from Steve’s Blinds and Wallpaper.

I highly recommend Steve’s Blinds and Wallpaper. We’ve purchased blinds for three of our four houses from Steve’s and have never been disappointed. The quality is great and you can’t beat them on cost. We purchased new blinds for the entire upstairs (a total of seven windows) for only $275!

The blinds in our room only cost $26 per window for a total of $80 or so. It was a huge transformation for the money!

blinds in master bedroom

Light Fixture

We also updated the ceiling fan. While I’d love to have a pretty light fixture, it’s just not practical for us. Our bedroom is upstairs and it gets really hot during the summer. A ceiling fan is a must! We found a nice oil-rubbed bronze fan with wood-look blades and it made a world of difference from the 1970s outdated fixture that was there before. Plus, it was only $50!

Shop Light Fixtures on AmazonSimple Master Bedroom Reveal 1

light fixture in master bedroom

Vintage Nightstands

Another thing we did was to purchase some nightstands on Facebook Marketplace. We got them at a great price because they needed to be refinished. We gave them a fresh new look (read about the makeover here) to match our headboard and dresser and they really tied everything together.

vintage night stand

Decor on a Budget

As for décor, I already had the antique window. We found it at an antique shop in Kansas City a few years back. It had hung in the bathroom in our previous home but I thought it would look great over our Magnolia headboard.

I already had the wreath, as well, from our previous home. I hung it on the window to complete the look. Check out this beautiful Magnolia wreath on Amazon!

The sign over our dresser came from our previous home, as well, but had been in a different place. Last time I checked, Hobby Lobby still carries it!

Sometimes one of the cheapest ways to update a space is to shop your own home! In this case, we moved and so we were having to make items from our last home work in our new space.

But for our guest bathroom reno, I took the mirror that hung in our hallway down and moved it to hang over the new sink in the bathroom! It ended up being perfect for that space and cost us $0!

The black candleholders on the dresser came from Hobby Lobby. I waited until they were half off and purchased all of them for about $30. You can find a similar candle set here. 

On the other wall, I collaborated with Ebenezer Market on the sign. Be sure to check them out, they have beautiful, high-quality signs!

Then I purchased a Groupon for the three-canvas portrait set. I seriously only paid about $30 between the Groupon and shipping! That’s a great deal for canvas!

Ebenezer Market sign in master bedroom


We settled on a quilt for our bed. My hubby tends to get hot and didn’t want a heavy comforter. We went with a color we could both agree on. After all, it’s his bedroom, too! We purchased it on sale at Kohl’s and bought a King size so it would drape more over our Queen-sized bed.

The bed skirt was a suggestion from my friend Cate over at West Magnolia Charm and only cost $13 on Amazon!

Future Plans

So, it doesn’t have to a fortune to give a space an updated feel that you love coming home to! We still have plans for our master bedroom when the budget allows. I’d like to do a basket collage on the other wall. It’s garage sale season so I’ll probably look for there for a bargain first!

We’d also like to install a barn door leading into the bathroom and add crown molding. We’ll eventually add curtains and get some lamps for the side tables when I find some I like!

A Few More Low-Cost Upgrade Ideas

I hope sharing our simple master bedroom makeover has been helpful in giving ideas for updating a space on a small budget.

Look around your house and in storage and see if you already have something that could be repurposed, painted, or just styled differently to update your space.

Sometimes just replacing a light fixture or painting a wall can make all the difference! I have some curtains from our previous home that won’t really work to hang in any of our new spaces, but I still love the fabric so I’m going to turn them into throw pillows!

Exciting News!

Thanks for hanging out with me today! I have some exciting things coming up for this blog! We are collaborating with a couple of different companies to give our kitchen a budget-friendly upgrade! 

UPDATE: Read all about our kitchen reno!
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YouTube Channel Launch

Along with the kitchen upgrade, we’ve been working hard to get ready to launch my YouTube Channel! The first video will post next week and feature our kitchen floors! I’ll keep you updated and hope you’ll check it out!

UPDATE: Check out our kitchen floors and YouTube launch here! 

Have a great week!


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