Hot Cocoa Station

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It’s December! Hard to believe it’s already here! The weather is turning cold here again so this weekend was perfect timing to get this year’s hot cocoa station set up!

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Fun for the Kids!

My kids absolutely LOVE helping me set this up! They help pick the toppings; usually mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, whipped cream, and peppermint sticks. Then we wash my vintage Ball jars and fill them full with all the goodies.

They always anticipate coming home from school and making a hot cup of cocoa and adding all their favorite toppings. I think it makes having to do homework a little less dreadful when you have a delicious hot drink sitting next to you!

hot cocoa station

Last Year’s Station + DIY Banner

I posted about our hot cocoa station last year and you can see how we set it up in this post, plus get the tutorial on the easy DIY banner!

Hot Cocoa Station

This year it took on a different look with the mug rack my hubby got me. I love how it fits perfectly over the buffet and it’s so convenient to use for glasses or mugs! You can find the one he purchased here! 

We hung our banner over the top of the mug rack. It just adds some fun to the station!

mug rack with hot cocoa sign

Last year I used a basket to store everything in, but this year I decided to use my white cake stand. It was just the right size to fit all of the jars of goodies!

I had two vintage blue Ball jars and a vintage wire Ball jar that we used to store the hot cocoa powder, Christmas Hershey kisses, and candy canes. I purchased these smaller blue Ball jars from Wal-Mart and we used them to store the mini chocolate chips, marshmallow, and miniature candy canes. You could also use peppermint baking pieces, toffee pieces, M&M’s, the sky’s the limit!

cake stand on buffet

During this time, I keep my KitchenAid electric kettle at the station for easy access to hot water. It’s convenient and I love the mint color that fits right in with that vintage Christmas look!

This year I was excited to have the opportunity to work with Copper Cure, a company that specializes in 100% hammered copper mugs. They sent me a beautiful set of four copper mugs with matching straws so you can use them hot or cold! They were the perfect addition to our hot cocoa station. You can check them out here! 

copper hammered mugs


Hot Cocoa Station 1

I love how our station turned out this year and even more the look on my kids’ faces when they get to make a cup! It’s a fun tradition that they’ll remember when they’re older and I love making these memories with them!

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