2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees

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Christmas will be here before we know it and if you’re in the market for a new tree you need to check out Home Depot Christmas trees!

This will be our 10th year with our Christmas tree that we purchased from Home Depot. It’s been through three moves and since we don’t have room to leave it up, it gets taken apart each year and stored.

It is still in great condition after all these years! At the time it was quite the splurge for us. We were at Home Depot for something else and then like a light shining down from above (ok that may be a little dramatic) it caught my eye and I had to have it!

I loved the different textured branches and the long pinecones with a touch of glitter. It was thick and pretty and just the right height!

Home Depot Christmas trees

Home Depot is a great place to look if you’re in the market for a Christmas tree. I’ve been checking out the selection this year and it’s a good one!

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Realism Scale

Something I like about Home Depot Christmas trees is that they give you what they call the “Realism” scale. In other words, how real the artificial tree looks.

Traditional, Realistic and Most Realistic are the options and they tell you how each tree ranks!

Other Christmas Tree Specifications

They also give other specifications like how tall the tree is and if it’s available in other sizes, images for how the tree is assembled, tip count, and base diameter.

You can see what color of lights whether multi-colored, warm white, etc. and what type such as LED. Home Depot also tells you how many lights are on the tree.

You can easily find out the type of tree it was modeled after like fir, pine, etc. and the fullness of the tree. Plus there are hundreds to thousands of reviews on each to make help you make the best decision!

And once you’ve settled on the perfect tree, check out this post for Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Trending Home Depot Christmas Trees

Viral Grand Duchess Balsam Fire

This tree went viral on social media at the beginning of the holiday shopping season and is almost impossible to find in stock!

People are loving it for the fullness of the tree, the twinkle lights, and all the different settings.

Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Home Depot
Photo Credit: Jenna Harris

Jackson Noble Pre-Lit LED Artificial Christmas Tree

With a rating of “Most Realistic” the Jackson Noble has been compared to the “viral” Grand Duchess as coming in a close second.

It easily snaps together in just three sections and boasts 8 different light settings including changing from white to color lights.

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 1
Jackson Noble Artificial Christmas Tree

Westwood White Fir Pre-Lit LED Artificial Christmas Tree

The Westwood White Fir is one of my favorites! It is available in 7 1/5 ft., 9 ft. and 12 ft. It features pretty red berries and frosted pinecones with full branches wrapped in warm white lights.

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 2
Westwood White Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Starry Light Fraser Fir Flocked LED Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

The Starry Light Fraser Fir Flocked is stunning with its thickly flocked branches. Standing at 7 1/2 or 9 ft. tall and featuring 3,000 lights with multiple color options and a remote control, it is one impressive tree!

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 3
Starry Light Frasier Fir Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

Amelia Pine LED Pre- Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

The Sparkling Amelia Pine features lifelike tips and micro LED fairy lights for glittering branches that create a seasonal sparkle. A beautifully classic tree, it comes in 7 ft., 7 1/2 ft., 9 ft. or 12 ft.

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 4
Sparkling Amelia Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Pencil Christmas Trees

Pencil Christmas trees are very popular and great for tall ceilings or smaller spaces! Home Depot has a great selections and varying sizes for any room!

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 5

Colored Artificial Home Depot Christmas Trees

Like a little bling or splash of color in your Christmas decor? You’ll love their line of colored trees!

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 5
2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 5
2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 5
2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 5

Home Depot Real Christmas Trees

Home Depot is also one of the best places to get a real Christmas tree in the United States. They have a wide variety of trees that are perfect for people of all ages and sizes!

Their selection of real trees are also very affordable! If you’re in the market for a real tree, you’ll want to be sure and check them out!

2023 Best Home Depot Christmas Trees

Since we had such a great experience our first time around with Home Depot Christmas trees, it was a no-brainer to look there for another one! I know you’ll love them, too!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and if you love to DIY, check out my DIY Advent Wreath and weekly advent devotionals!

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