Easy DIY Christmas Banner

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Make this super easy Christmas banner using wrapping paper scraps and jute string!

Needing something a little extra for your holiday decor? I have a super easy and quick DIY Christmas banner to share with you!

Black Friday and Wrapping Paper

Any Black Friday shoppers out there? I’m not into the early morning hustle and all the crowds so I waited to go later in the day with my mother- and sister-in-law. We had a blast!

One of our stops was Marshall’s where I found two rolls of simple brown wrapping paper for $2.99 each. One was decorated with green trees and the other with red snowflakes.

A Bare Shelf

My only intention at the time was to use it for gifts. But I had the open spot on the top shelf of my hutch that I hadn’t been able to fill. I had been looking for some decor to place up there and hadn’t found anything I liked.

Yesterday I used the afternoon to wrap presents and I had some scraps leftover. Instead of throwing it away, it hit me to use the leftover scraps to make a DIY Christmas banner to hang across the empty space on my hutch.

wrapping paper banner

DIY Christmas Banner

I cut equal size strips of paper, alternating the two patterns. I folded them in half and cut triangles on the bottom of each piece.

I cut a piece of jute string long enough to stretch across the space. I folded the strips over the jute string and used a piece of tape to hold the two sides together. I used tape to attach the banner to the top of the hutch and evenly spaced the pieces out across the rope.


Here’s how it turned out!

DIY Christmas Banner

Christmas decorated hutch

A super easy and quick DIY and it was just what this shelf was needing to complete the look for our Christmas hutch!

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DIY Christmas Banner

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