Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

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Need a gift for that special guy? Look no further!

I used to have THE hardest time buying a gift for my husband, Eric, until he decided a few years back to start keeping track of his wish list on Amazon. It’s been a lifesaver!

And here’s the thing about my hubby, he finds the coolest gadgets! So many times our family has checked out his list to get ideas for their own spouses, etc.!

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So after browsing his list for this year, I thought sharing some of these cool gadgets might be helpful to others, as well!

He really has a broad range of interests, too, so if you have a techy guy or a guy who loves tools or a guy who enjoys working on cars, you’ll find something in this gift guide!

I’ve also included items that were purchased from his past lists that he was really impressed with.

Let’s get started and see if you can find the perfect gift for the man in your life!

Gift Giving Guide


My hubby was just gifted this drill recently and really likes it! It’s affordable and gets the job done!

Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life 1


Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life 2Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life 3

I saw this awesome outdoor gas griddle recently while visiting my brother. He had just purchased it and raved about how cool it is! If your hubby loves to cook and grill, he’ll love this!


If your hubby has a beard, this is the perfect trimmer! This trimmer includes two blades with multiple trimming combs and a skin guard for protection. It features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 60 minutes of use.

Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life 4Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life 5

4. LED Work Light with Magnetic Stand

Another gift I purchased for Eric from his list, this light is so cool! Rechargeable, waterproof, and portable, this work light is great for camping, fishing, working on the car, and more! It’s compact, lightweight, yet powerful and bright!  It has two USB ports to charge your phone, too!

work light gift guide



I purchased a version of this for my hubby a couple of years ago and he LOVES it. I really didn’t think we’d use it that much, but we use it all the time! It’s great to take to my son’s baseball games and to have at outdoor BBQs.

We use it around the house, too, when we watch outdoor movies on our projector and he uses it when he’s working out in the garage!  It has a USB charger port to charge all your devices, AM/FM radio, 50 Hr battery life, a 1/8 in input jack, and endless uses!

speaker gift guide



What guy couldn’t find multiple uses for a simple to use and affordable projector!?!  Eric purchased this so we could watch movies out in our backyard when the weather is nice.

He also used it for Halloween to project images on our pumpkins to make them look like they were talking and singing! We’ve really enjoyed having it and keep thinking up new ways to use it!

projector gift guide


This table saw was Eric’s Father’s Day gift for this year. I purchased it early knowing it would come in handy for some projects he was working on. He loves it!

craftsman table saw


I purchased this for my hubby last year for Christmas and he loves it and gets compliments on it all the time. It’s durable and looks great!

apple watch leather wristband gift guide


9. Apple AirPods

The latest Apple AirPods feature noise cancellation, are water and sweat resistant, and lightweight!

Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life 6


10. Coffee Grinder Mill

Every serious coffee drinker knows fresh ground coffee beans are the best way to make a bright and flavorful cup of coffee.

No matter your preferred method of brewing, this grinder can grind your beans extra fine, or coarse ground.  It can grind just enough beans for one person or a whole 12 cup pot!

coffee grinder gift guide


I hope this guide was helpful in deciding on a gift for your guy! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!


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