DIY Easy Spring Hanging Print

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March finally arrived and hopefully, the warmer weather is soon to follow! This easy DIY spring hanging print is sure to make it feel more like spring in your home!

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Every month at church we have a group of moms that meet together called Mom 2 Mom. It’s a sweet time of fellowship and this month I was asked to lead the craft time. I thought this would be a fun project to do together and I can’t wait to share it with the group!

DIY Spring Hanging Print

I made a sample one beforehand so I would know exactly how it went together and could work out any kinks. I loved it so much I decided I needed some hanging on either side of the mirror in our dining room!


Prints of your choice
Wood trim
Eyelet screws
Jute string
Hot glue gun and glue
Magnets, adhesive (optional)
Stain or paint (optional)



First, I needed to decide on a print. I subscribe to the Magnolia Journal and keep them even after I’ve read them. I still had my issue from spring 2017 when they published an article about planting flowers. They had an artist draw up these beautiful vintage prints and offered them for free to download from their site. I have been wanting to do something with those prints for a while. This was the perfect opportunity! I dug out my magazine to find the link to the site hoping I could still download them. Thankfully, they were still available!


I wanted the prints to be high quality and on thick paper. My hubby uploaded them to Office Depot’s site and had them printed in full color on cardstock. They turned out perfectly.

DIY Easy Spring Hanging Print 1

Wood Trim

I purchased 1″x1/2″ wood trim for the tops and bottoms of the hanging print. The prints are 8×10 so my hubby cut the trim down to 10″.

Next, I predrilled holes at either end of the top piece for the eyelet screws.

predrilled holes for hanging print

I stained the pieces for my prints using Varathane’s Briar Smoke. You could also paint them if you desire.

stained wood for hanging print

Eyelet Screws and Jute

Once the pieces were dry, we screwed in the eyelets. Now you’re ready for the jute string. Decide how long you want your print to hang down and cut the string accordingly. Loop the jute string through each eyelet and tie in a bow or knot to secure. If you don’t like the look of jute, you could use ribbon, as well.


Now you’re ready to attach everything. We decided on the Mom 2 Mom project, we wanted to be able to easily change the prints out with the seasons. We used adhesive magnets to achieve this. First, we attached a magnet to the backside of both trim pieces.

Then we attached a magnet to the front of the print.

Now it’s ready to put together! If for some reason, the adhesive doesn’t stick very well to the trim, have a hot glue gun handy to attach it and make it more secure.

Hot Glue

For my personal prints, I decided not to use the magnets and chose to hot glue the prints directly to the wood.

gluing hanging print

spring hanging print

Ready for Hanging

Now it’s ready to hang! You can use small nails or a cute decorative hook to display your DIY spring hanging print! I made four prints and displayed two on each side of our arched mirror over our buffet. If you missed that post earlier this week, you can read about the buffet makeover here.

diy spring hanging print

These prints turned out beautifully and really add so much to this space!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and easy to follow! I’d love to hear from you in the comments! See you next time!

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DIY Spring Hanging Print

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