DIY Fall Wall Planter

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Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

Today I’m sharing this fun fall themed wall planter DIY:

DIY Fall Wall Planter 1

Isn’t it cute? I purchased these planters on clearance at Hobby Lobby for my new office at work (you can find similar ones here and here). They hung empty on my wall for awhile until I was finally ready to decorate them this weekend. I made a run to Hobby Lobby (again!) and purchased dry floral foam, a sprig of eucalyptus, a box of fall decorations with little pumpkins and greenery and green wood floral picks to attach to the pumpkins, etc.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 2

I plugged in my hot glue gun and got to work. First I cut the foam to size. I was able to use one piece and split it between the two planters.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 3DIY Fall Wall Planter 4

Next, I attached the wood floral picks to the pumpkins and greenery.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 5DIY Fall Wall Planter 6

I inserted the outer pumpkin picks into the foam in a downward angle so that the pumpkins would look like they’re hanging over the side of the planter.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 7

Then I inserted the other pumpkins in the middle, one lower and one higher to give it depth.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 8

Once I had the pumpkins inserted, I filled in the empty spaces with the greenery that came with the pumpkins, the eucalyptus, and some pinecones I already had. There’s no real science to it, I just tried inserting them in different spots and if I didn’t like the way it looked I tried a different spot until I got the look I was going for.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 9

DIY Fall Wall Planter 10

I didn’t go crazy with the hot glue because I want to be able to change out the floral décor with the seasons so I only used it where I had to.

And that’s it! A simple but pretty DIY project for fall.

DIY Fall Wall Planter 11

Here they are on my wall at work – I’ve received tons of compliments on them already!

DIY Fall Wall Planter 12DIY Fall Wall Planter 13


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