Beautiful Built-in Hutch Makeover with Matte Black Paint

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We transformed our built-in hutch using matte black paint!

We moved to a new state for my husband’s job last year (2017) and this spring we purchased our 1970s fixer-upper. We’ve owned four homes over the course of our marriage and have learned to DIY for the sake of our budget! Our latest home was a great deal but needed a lot of work!

We’re in the process of converting different spaces to make them fit our family. We’ve textured over (A LOT) of wallpaper, painted walls and trim, added barn doors, and more! We’ve learned a lot and I can’t wait to share it all but today I’ll start with this hutch makeover!

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Built-In Hutch Makeover

The house came with a built-in hutch. The hutch was built in to bridge the gap from what used to be a sitting room (we converted it into the formal dining room) to the back living room, which was an add-on in the 80s.

It’s a little strange because they installed carpet in the back living room and laminate wood in the sitting area and they met in the middle of the hutch. We will eventually be replacing all of the floors with wood-type flooring and won’t have that weird threshold anymore. 

Before painting, the hutch looked like this:

Beautiful Built-in Hutch Makeover with Matte Black Paint 1














YIKES. As we began to narrow down a paint color for the walls I knew I wanted this piece to be black. Not glossy black but a matte black paint.

We recently refinished an MCM dresser for my youngest using Valspar’s Project Perfect furniture paint (which has since been discontinued and I’m so sad!) in matte black and we loved the outcome so I decided to use it again on this piece.

What I loved about the paint was that there was no priming, the coverage was amazing, and you don’t have to use a topcoat (can we start a petition to bring back the Project Perfect line?!). I gave the piece two coats of matte black paint using a paintbrush and let it dry.

UPDATE: Check out Valspar’s Furniture Paint for an excellent alternative to the discontinued Project Perfect line! 

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Updated Knobs

I decided not to reuse the original hardware. Instead, I wanted something that would stand out more and add some character to this piece.

knobs on black hutch

I found these pretty knobs at Hobby Lobby when they were half off! I love a great bargain! I picked them because of the vintage look. Also, I liked the tiny blue dots which matched the paint color we chose for the walls. We went with Grey Leaf by Glidden which is similar to Sherwin William’s Sea Salt.

I will say that the black paint shows everything so I’m constantly wiping them down, but it’s been totally worth it! I love styling the shelves for different seasons. 

matte black styled hutch

built-in hutch

copper bell garland


A lot of times, a piece of furniture just needs a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into it. That was definitely the case with our built-in hutch. It’s one of my favorite projects to date. We’ve since purchased and refinished a buffet and you can read about it here: 1920s English Buffet Makeover

I also love using chalk paint to refinish furniture. I’ve used several different brands over the years and shared my thoughts on different chalk paints in this post: Chalk Paint Brand Review: Which One is the Best? 

And I created this tutorial on how to use chalk paint plus this one on the pros and cons of using a wax finish! 

We transformed our built-in hutch using matte black paint!

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Beautiful Built-in Hutch Makeover with Matte Black Paint 2



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