Clean Your Carpet Like a Pro

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Learn how to clean your carpet like a pro!

It’s almost the weekend and we are ready! It’s been a crazy week and it’ll be nice to get back on schedule!

Last weekend the kiddos spent some time at their grandparent’s house so I took advantage and got busy cleaning our NASTY carpet! White carpet + a dog + three kids + Oklahoma red dirt = No Bueno!

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My uncle has been a carpenter for years and both of my brothers worked at a carpet store at one point so I’ve picked up on some of their wisdom when it comes to caring for your floors! I’m going to share some helpful tips today!

White Carpet Woes

We’ve had white carpet in three out of four homes we’ve owned over the years. In every case, we inherited it when we bought each house. I strongly dislike the white carpet!

We had thought about replacing it in our latest home but decided not to spend the money and I’m glad! Our dearest doggy who has been house trained for over two years will not quit peeing on it. Not sure what her deal is, but I’d be even more irritated if we had put in new.

Watch the Video!

We’ve pretty much decided when we do replace it, we’ll go with vinyl or hardwood flooring.

The hard thing is that this carpet backs up to our back door. We’ve tried to get in the habit of taking our shoes off before coming in and wiping the dog’s feet, but sometimes we forget or get in a hurry and it just doesn’t happen!

Carpet Cleaning Tips

So back to cleaning. Our carpet cleaner broke before we moved so my hubby’s parents were gracious enough to let us borrow theirs! It does a great job. You can find a similar cleaner here.

Hoover carpet cleaner

Ok, tip number one:

Don’t put a cleaning solution in the carpet cleaner. The soap sinks down into the carpet and it’s almost impossible to get it all back out. Dirt and dust particles stick to the residue making it difficult to ever get your carpet completely clean.

I can attest to the truth of this because before I knew that I used a cleaning solution in the cleaner and no matter what I did I had certain spots that refused to come out. Or they would appear to come out only to come back a day or two later. So frustrating!

Instead of a cleaning solution, fill the tank with hot water and use only the water over the majority of the carpet.

Tip number two:

For tough stains, you can pretreat them with stain remover before going over the stain with the hot water in the carpet cleaner. I’ve found this works really well.

Bissell stain remover

But, even the stain remover was no match for the really bad spots we had by our back door!

Which brings us to tip number three:

Baking soda! Who would’ve thought? Baking soda is great for getting stains out of carpet! And it’s a natural solution, as well! I sprinkled some baking soda over those tough stains and let it sit for a few minutes before going over it with the cleaner.

baking soda on carpet

Here it is after the first run:

stained carpet

I had to sprinkle it a second time and run over it with the carpet cleaner again, but it came out! Here it is after the second time.

clean carpet

How about that baking soda!

Tip number four:

My last tip is for those little annoying spots. You know, the ones where your kiddo dripped his hot chocolate across the floor. Ya, those. I heat up my kettle and pour a small amount of hot water on each spot to let it soak and break up the stain before going over it with the cleaner. It works like a charm!

KitchenAid kettle


Ahhh…so nice to have a clean carpet again! This is a good-sized room so it took me about an hour and a half to do it all, but it was worth it!

clean carpet living room

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by today and if you’re in the market for some new household care products, check out my post on Grove Collaborative! Have a blessed day!

Learn how to clean your carpet like a pro!

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How to Clean Carpet Like a Pro

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  1. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I bought a carpet cleaner 4 months ago and it’s still in the box in the garage. I was going to call a carpet cleaning company. They charge $169 no matter how little carpet you have. Now I feel much more confident and I’m going to break out that cleaning machine and get busy!

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