Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug – ORC Week 3

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Use these tips to choose the perfect area rug for your space!

We are in the third week of the One Room Challenge and it was an exciting one! We got a lot done and it’s exciting to see it all come together!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug - ORC Week 3 1

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Our area rug arrived last Friday, giving us just enough time to get it laid out and flattened (after being in a tight roll) before the furniture arrived the next day.

Pro Tip: Flip your rug face-side down after you roll it out and leave it for a few hours to help it lay flat.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug - ORC Week 3 2

I don’t know about you but I used to dread picking out rugs. I wasn’t sure what size to get and could never decide on a pattern. Would round or rectangle look better in the space? All of these questions stressed me out.

But once I learned some tips and tricks, some from trial and error and some from research, the process actually became fun.

So if you’re like I was and you’re stuck on how to choose an area rug, this post is for you!

Well Woven

But first I want to talk about where we purchased our rug from. We chose our rug from Well Woven’s Mystic line. It’s called Cybil. You can find the area rug here!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug - ORC Week 3 3

This is the third rug we’ve purchased from Well Woven because they’re well made, super affordable, absolutely gorgeous AND their customer service is AWESOME.

I accidentally ordered a size too big for our office and contacted them as soon as I figured it out. It was after hours but they still answered me right away and refunded the money for the larger rug. I ordered the right size and had it within 5 days.

Their shipping is FREE, they arrive FAST, and they have a terrific selection. I’m not an affiliate with Well Woven (although I’d love to be!) I just REALLY love their product and highly recommend them!

Ok so on to the tips!

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

Measure Your Space

The size of your space is typically going to determine the size of your area rug. Typically in a large room, you want a large area rug like an 8×10 or a 9×12.

If your living room is smaller, though, a rug placed under your coffee table may work better. Just make sure it extends out beyond the table. A 5×7 is usually a good size for this.

Check Out the YouTube Video!

Think About Your Furniture

Living Room

You also want to take into consideration what furniture you have. Anchoring a sofa set on a large rug in a living room is a great way to pull the space together.

You can choose to fit all of your furniture on the rug if it fills up the majority of your space or purchase a size down and place the front legs of your furniture on the rug. This is what we did for our living room.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug - ORC Week 3 4

Dining Room

In a dining room your rug should be large enough to fit the table and chairs. Ideally it should extend out far enough for the chairs to still be on the rug when they’re pulled out.

If you have a round dining table, a round rug will look best. If you have a long table, a rectangle rug will look best.


In a bedroom you may choose to have a rug under your bed. In this case, an 8×10 works best for a Queen and a 9×12 works best for a King. How the rug fits under the bed depends on how you’re styling the space.

Place 2/3 of the rug under the bed, extending 18-24″ out on either side if there won’t be anything at the foot of the bed.

If you’d like to place a bench or lounge chair on the end, then place 1/3 of the rug under the bed. This allows the rug to extend out past the bench at the foot.

You may also choose to place a rug beside the bed instead. You can place one on either side if the bed sits in the middle of the room, or on one side if it sets against the wall.


In an office, the desk and chair should fit on the rug with plenty of rug extending out on all sides. For our office we ordered a 5×7 to accomplish this look.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug - ORC Week 3 5
Yes, that’s the same rug we ordered for the living room! We loved it that much!


Maybe you have corner in a nursery or study that you’d like to add some warmth to. A small round rug is perfect for this! Anchor it with a comfy chair and a small side table and you’re set!

What is the Space Being Used For?

When choosing a rug you need to think about what the room is being used for.

If it’s a high-traffic area, you aren’t going to want to purchase a plush rug that will get matted down and be hard to clean.

If you have kids or pets, you’ll want to choose a rug that’s easy to clean.

Neutral or Pattern?

What look are you going for? Is your space more neutral? Maybe you want to bring in some bold colors and patterns with your rug.

Does your space already have a lot of color or pattern? Then maybe you want to keep it neutral with a jute or solid rug. A tone-on-tone pattern could work, too.

Maybe you want to add some depth and layer your rugs with a larger neutral rug on bottom and a patterned rug on top.

Also consider what colors you already have in your space and look at rugs that complement those colors.

Or if you’re starting from scratch in a new home or redecorating, choose the rug first and pull colors from the pattern to add throw pillow and blankets, etc, that will complement the space.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Rugs are not just for hard surfaces. Add interest to a bland space and extend the life of your carpet by adding an area rug to the space!

If you have any questions about choosing an area rug, please feel free to comment or shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you! Do you have some helpful tips? Post them in the comments below!

We can’t wait to continue to share our living room as it continues to evolve! We’re having a blast being part of the One Room Challenge and encourage you to go check out the ORC blog for more inspiration!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today! For more pics of our home, come visit me on Instagram! Have a great day!

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