Beautiful DIY Vintage Tin Ceiling Tile Coat Rack

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DIY Vintage Tin Ceiling Tile Coat Rack

Originally posted November 12, 2018. Updated April 9, 2020.

Are you ready for another DIY? We found this beautiful piece of vintage tin during a recent day of antique shopping, which you can read about here!

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vintage tin diy

We had so much fun visiting all the different shops and we found several treasures to bring home! We even got to visit Erin’s sweet booth from the blog Cotton Stem. She had it beautifully decorated with antique books, vintage rolling pins, and cute furniture.

We found the piece of tin hiding on a shelf in the back of a small antique store and I had to have it!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, but I can’t take credit for the idea. I recently read a blog post by Sarah Joy (formerly Little Vintage Nest) where she used a piece of vintage ceiling tin to make a coat rack by covering a piece of wood with the tin and adding the hooks.

It turned out really cute and I loved the look so when we came across some vintage tin we snagged it for this DIY. I love the chippy paint look it already had!

Shout-Out to My Hubby!

I have to pause here and brag on my husband (Eric). I come up with ideas (actually he comes up with a lot of them, too!), but he makes them possible. I’m able to cast vision and he takes it from there. (Check out our recent coffee bar makeover project here.)

We work really well together and we enjoy working together! We love to bounce ideas off of each other and a lot of times the original idea turns into something so much better because we talk through it and tweak it to make it better. I’m blessed to do life with him!

Vintage Tin Coat Rack

Ok so back to the piece of tin ceiling! We already had a piece of wood in the garage and hooks from our coffee bar makeover.


Eric wrapped the piece of tin around the wood and hammered it into place. Then he nailed the tin to the wood. He was pretty sure he was going to need a tetanus shot before he was through with all of the rust, but he made it!

vintage tin nailed to wood

It also hit me as he was working that the chippy paint that gave it so much character is probably lead-based. He promised me he wouldn’t lick it. Funny guy.

vintage tin wrapped wood

After he hammered the tin in place it was time for the hooks. He pre-drilled the holes to make it easier to attach the hooks and voila! All done!

vintage tin coat rack

I’m planning on eventually hanging it in our entryway, but I’m not quite ready yet so Eric held up one side while I snapped a few quick pics to share on here!

UPDATE: I finally found a spot for this cutie! We hung it above my hope chest that I just refinished! It’s a perfect fit and I am loving the way this space turned out! Can you believe those faux tulips?! They seriously look real.


coat rack on wall above chest

This was a really fun DIY, I hope you enjoyed it! I hope these posts inspire you to think about what you could do with something you have laying around your house!

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DIY Vintage Tin Ceiling Tile Coat Rack

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