Hot Chocolate Bar + DIY Banner

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Happy Monday! Do you have your Christmas decor up yet? We always put ours up right after Thanksgiving. This year we decided to add a hot chocolate bar to our decor. We thought it would be fun for the kids and who doesn’t love hot chocolate?

So today I’d like to share with you how to put together a hot chocolate bar plus how to make a simple sign to go with it!

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Hot Chocolate Bar

First, you need a designated place whether it’s a spot on your countertop, hutch, or maybe a built-in bar area. Ours is on an antique dresser we refinished that sits in our kitchen. It used to house all of our coffee stuff but when we updated our wet bar to a coffee nook (you can read about that here) it left the dresser open for something else.

Next, you need storage to house your toppings. I already had three vintage Ball jars and a basket I could use and we purchased these mini Ball jars to go with them.

That brings us to the fun stuff! What are your favorite hot chocolate toppings? We chose crushed peppermint, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, mini M&Ms, peppermint sticks, and Hershey kisses. I also have assorted hot chocolates to choose from including salted caramel, gingerbread, homemade and original Swiss Miss. And don’t forget the whipped cream!

hot chocolate bar ingredients

If you have an electric kettle to heat water for the hot chocolate you can put that on the bar, too! My inlaws bought me this KitchenAid kettle for Christmas last year and it’s perfect for this!

The kids had a blast helping me fill the jars and arranging them on the dresser!

They also helped me make a sign to hang over the bar and I’ll share the tutorial here in a sec, but here’s how it turned out! It’s been a huge hit!


DIY Hot Cocoa Banner

You will need:

4 pieces of black construction paper
jute string
white crayon
glue stick


First, we folded the construction paper in half and then again in equal thirds. We cut out the paper along the three folded lines to make three equal sized strips.

hot chocolate banner

Next, we cut a V-shape at the bottom of the strips. We cut the first one and used it as a template to cut the rest.

hot chocolate banner

We cut three long pieces of jute string and arranged the strips evenly, three strips on two strings and five strips on one string. Use the glue stick to secure the strips onto the string.

Grab your white crayon and write one letter on each strip to spell out “Hot Cocoa Bar.”

hot chocolate bar

Tie a loop at either side of each banner. Now you’re ready to hang!

hot chocolate banner

This was a fun project that will be enjoyed all winter long!

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  1. It’s not cheap to buy these banners in the store, This DIY is perfect because you can customize to your needs, i love it. Also, that refinished dresser is so gorgeous! Great work.

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