Gladwell Coaster Electric Cordless Mop Review – One Year Later

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After one year of using the Gladwell Coaster electric cordless Mop, I still LOVE it!

I originally wrote this post on July 5, 2019, after receiving the Gladwell Coaster Mop. It’s just shy of one year since I started using it and I would still highly recommend it! It really is an awesome mop! Great quality, easy to use, and makes cleaning your floors a breeze!

Check out the video to see how to assemble and use the mop, plus some tips! 

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share an awesome product with you today! If you’ve been in the market for a mop, you will definitely want to check out this review on the Coaster Mop by Gladwell!

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Gladwell Coaster Mop

Gladwell Coaster Mop

I’ve heard so many people talk about the Gladwell mop line lately and how amazing they are. I was dying to try one out! I was thrilled when I reached out to the company and they wanted to work with me!



They sent me the Coaster Cordless Electric mop. It came unassembled in a box but was really easy to put together. The handle comes in two pieces and snaps together and then the handle snaps into the base.

At the back top of the handle, you’ll find a place for AAA batteries. The batteries are included and already in place, but you’ll need to remove them because they’re wrapped in plastic.

There are two buttons on the front of the handle, a power button, and the spray button that are powered by these batteries.

Gladwell mop handle


One of the best features of the Gladwell Coaster mop is that the base is powered by a rechargeable battery! The battery snaps into the side of the base and then you can plug it in with the adapter to charge. And it doesn’t take very long to charge!

Preparing for Use

The mop comes with a measuring cup for water or a cleaning solution. To access the tank, you just lift the gray cover on the top of the base. Then you’re ready to fill with your choice of cleaner or wax.

Gladwell Coaster Mop Base

NOTE: They do recommend emptying the reservoir after use if you don’t plan on using the mop again for a while. 


The mop comes with two sets of circular pads. One set for mopping and one set for waxing, which is terrific if you have wood floors! The bottom of the base has velcro and this is where you attach the pads.

Let’s Clean!

Once the mop is charged, the tank is filled, and the pads have been attached, you’re ready to go! I just added water to the tank when I was ready. Then I turned on the base with my foot and the power button on the handle and went to work!

mop in dining room

All I can say is I LOVE THIS MOP! The pads rotate as you guide it where you need to go. It’s SO quiet. I tried it out on my vinyl wood flooring, my tile, and my new stenciled kitchen floors. It cleaned off the dirt and grime like a charm.

And the best part? You just remove the pads when you’re done and throw them in the washing machine! Easy!

If you’ve been looking for a new mop, I highly recommend the Coaster Mop by Gladwell! It also comes with a one-year unlimited warranty!


Have questions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to help! Have a great day!


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