Farmhouse Window Coat Rack – ORC Week 4

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Repurpose an old window into a coat rack!

Welcome back to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through!

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack - ORC Week 4 1

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This week we worked on decor and I’ll be sharing more next week, but today I’m sharing how to repurpose an old window into a coat rack!

Old Kansas Farmhouse Window

When we were living in Nebraska, some friends of ours traveled to Kansas to help some of their friends tear down an old farmhouse on their land. They were so sweet to snag this window for us!

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack - ORC Week 4 2

They knew how much I love vintage, but it’s also special because we’re originally from Kansas! So it was really cool to get this awesome piece of history.

We’ve since moved again and the window has been stored in our garage for the last two years waiting to be used!

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I was really wanting to use this window somewhere. We don’t have a lot of wall space in the living room because of all the large windows, but we do have a small stretch of wall at the front as you enter from the dining room.

It’s kind of an eyesore right now because there’s an old vent for the HVAC that use to service this room. This back sunroom was an add-on in the 80s so it had its own unit.

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack - ORC Week 4 3

When the unit died right after we moved in (of course) we elected to go back with a Mr. Cool wall unit instead. It saved us thousands of dollars and has been amazing.

But there was water damage to the wall where water had leaked from the vent and we still had the thermostat from the old unit below the vent. So this was our project this week.

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack - ORC Week 4 4

We’re still working on it, so I’ll give you the full reveal next week when I show off the rest of the decor!

But we removed the old thermostat, sanded down the wood paneling, and repainted and found a fun way to disguise the hideous vent.

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack

I already had my tin ceiling coat rack there, but I wanted to use it somewhere else. I also have my refinished cedar chest (you can check out that makeover here) sitting against the wall and the window fit perfectly over the top of it.

But I wanted it to have a dual purpose and not just be decor. I had liked having the other coat rack there so I decided to add some vintage farmhouse-style hooks to the top of the window to turn it into another coat rack!

I ordered the hook from Amazon and you can find them here. They came in a pack of 10 and were perfect for this project!

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack - ORC Week 4 5

We didn’t do precise measurements, I knew I wanted five hooks, so we just eye-balled it. We pre-drilled the holes for the screws starting with the middle hook, then the far-left hook, then the far-right hook.

Then we placed a hook in the center of the first and middle hook and another one in the center of the middle hook and last hook.

Farmhouse Window Coat Rack - ORC Week 4 6

Super easy! I love the farmhouse touch these hooks add to this vintage window! And now we can use it for guest’s coats or hang a wreath or bag on it for decor!

I didn’t paint or do anything to the window. It came like that in all it’s chippy beauty and it’s just perfect!

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Tin Ceiling Tile Coat Rack

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  1. Love the idea using the window as a coat rack. It’s going to look so pretty and will be functional as well.

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