DIY Shiplap Wall

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How we created a DIY Shiplap wall from plywood!

We recently gave our oldest son’s bedroom an update (read about it here) and part of that included a DIY faux shiplap wall.

We were on a budget so we opted to use plywood rather than real shiplap. It really cuts the cost by so much to do it this way and it’s super easy!

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Kitchen DIY Faux Shiplap

The first time we went the DIY faux shiplap route was on our kitchen peninsula. It’s my most popular post still after two years and you can check it out here.

shiplap peninsula in kitchen

At the time we didn’t have a table saw so we bought a sheet of pine plywood from Home Depot and asked them to cut it for us.

We have used real shiplap before when we installed vertical pine shiplap in our main bathroom. It was definitely more money, but since it was going to be in a bathroom we felt we needed to use the real deal.

Bedroom Shiplap DIY Wall

On to the bedroom! We knew we wanted some kind of focal point in the bedroom. We ended up deciding to do a DIY shiplap wall in place of a headboard.

The majority of his room was painted a light blue so we chose to do a gray shiplap accent wall that would go 2/3 up the wall.

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We started by measuring the wall to see how much plywood we would need. We purchased two pine boards plus a 1×6 pine wood board for the top.

This time around we used the table saw I purchased for my hubby for Father’s Day last year and ripped the boards down ourselves. If you’re in the market for a table saw, I highly recommend this Craftsman table saw from Lowe’s!

Measure and Cut

We wanted a six-inch-wide shiplap so we used a ruler to mark the plywood every six inches on the end of the board with a pencil. We lined the board up on the table saw and carefully ran the length of the plywood until all the pieces were cut.

table saw on concrete patio

The plywood wasn’t long enough to go the length of the wall so we knew we’d have a seam. We cut the second board and then had to cut them to size to go the rest of the length of the wall.

Our DIY faux shiplap was ready to hang!

Hanging the DIY Faux Shiplap

Because the plywood was thin, we were able to leave the current trim up and install on top of it.

shiplap on trim

Using a nail gun, we attached the first board on top of the trim. I opted to paint the thin piece of wall that would show through as we went with our gray paint.

woman painting between shiplap boards

For a spacer, my hubby used a scrap of plywood in-between the pieces of faux shiplap.

man using nail gun for shiplap

We continued the pattern of nailing the board, painting the strip, and then using the scrap piece to measure where to attach the next board.

Finishing the Gray Shiplap Accent Wall

When all of the boards were in place we took wood filler to fill in the seams where the boards met partway down the wall.

unfinished shiplap wall

Once the wood filler was dry, we sanded it smooth and primed the boards (some of them we had primed before hanging).

We gave the DIY shiplap wall two coats of gray paint.

gray painted shiplap

To finish off the wall we stained the 1×6 pine board with our favorite Varathane Briarsmoke stain.

We attached it to the top of the faux shiplap wall with two screws on either side of the board.

DIY shiplap wall


We are thrilled with how the faux shiplap DIY wall turned out! Our son loves his new room and we love that we were able to do this gray shiplap accent wall for around $60!

cool teen boy bedroom

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