DIY Anthropologie Basket Knock-off

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Make your own DIY Anthropologie basket!

I love baskets! Who doesn’t? But sometimes they can be pretty pricey. I decided to try making my own to see if it could be an affordable alternative to purchasing one.

Can I just say this looked way easier than it was? I had a picture of how it would go in my mind and it just didn’t translate like I thought it would!

But it still turned out to be a cute little basket so I’m going to share the process with you!

DIY Anthropologie Basket

It started with a trip to Dollar Tree. In their floral section, they had this great roping that was perfect for the project. It came in a 13-foot strand. I purchased five but only ended up using four. I also purchased a spool of trim to add around the top.

rope and trim for diy basket

Besides the rope and trim, all it took was a hot glue gun and several sticks of glue.


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I started by rolling the rope in a coil. At first, I would just add a drop of glue about halfway through the coil. As the coil grew I added more drops of glue.

gluing DIY basket

This is how the bottom looked after I was done. This took one strand of rope. I also burned the ends of the rope so they wouldn’t fray.

bottom of basket

Next, I started on the walls of the basket. With a new strand of rope, I began gluing it on top of the base and just continued spacing out drops of glue as I went.

Here’s how it looked after the second strand of rope:

DIY basket tutorial

I continued with a third and then finally the fourth strand of rope. When I got towards the end of the fourth strand, about two feet left or so, I made handles.

I just left a section of the rope loose to form a small loop and then continued gluing the rope until I got to the other side directly across from the first handle. I made another small loop and then wrapped the remaining rope around until it met the first handle and I secured it with more glue.

basket handles

Now it was time for the ribbon! I just measured the ribbon around the top and secured it with glue.

ribbon trim for basket


DIY basket

My daughter saw it when I was finished and loved it. She asked if she could have it as something cute to store her Barbie clothes in! If she’ll actually use it and pick up her doll clothes I’ll call it a win!

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Make your own DIY Anthropologie basket!

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DIY Anthropologie Basket


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  1. Dori you basket looks amazing. I can’t believe how yours turned out. You didn’t even use a form for yours. It will be a great basket for your daughter’s barbies. Great solution for her to store things in.

  2. This is so pretty! I love that you didn’t have to use a form. There is no way I could have made mine without you…you have some major skills!! Great job! Hugs!

    1. LOL! I probably should have used one! Would’ve made it a little more sturdy! Thanks so much friend!!

  3. This turned out fab and soooo cute Dori! Im loving the lace around the top …
    Job well done and your right it is a win …


  4. You basket turned out so cute!!! I absolutely love the lace detail!!!
    So much fun doing this challenge with you!!
    Happy weekend!
    -Emily @

  5. You did a great job. I am so impressed. This is literally a woven basket. It’s great that you found the rope at Dollar Tree. Love how the handles turned out too. So nice to meet you on this DIY challenge.

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