20 Best Paint Brushes for Chalk Paint (2023)

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Chalk paint has become the go-to for breathing new life into furniture pieces, cabinetry, and more. It’s a decorative paint with a matte finish that’s a great choice for adding a pop of color to dresser drawers, neutralizing an outdated wood desk or even painting your kitchen cabinets!

With different color options, waxing techniques and design combinations, chalk paint gives you the opportunity to turn a tired piece into a beautiful work of art. The simple process of applying it makes it a popular choice.

I’ve been using chalk paint for years and if you’re wondering what some of the best brands are, you can read my chalk paint reviews here.

But did you know that along with chalk paint, they’ve designed special brushes to give you the best results when painting projects? The best paint brushes for chalk paint are made specifically for heavier paints from the bristle type to the ergonomic handles and there are different sizes for any project.

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blush chalk paint dresser
Chalk painted dresser

Different Brush Types

There are so many different brush options depending on the look you’re going for. Let’s look at all the types including ones with different bristles, shapes, and sizes.

Natural Bristle Brushes vs Synthetic Bristle Brushes

A brush with natural bristles is usually made from animal hair like boar hair and will give a more organic feel to the paint finish. They tend to give more pronounced brush marks compared to a brush with synthetic bristles.

Synthetic brushes are often used with latex paint and acrylic paints. Since chalk paint has a latex base, they’re a great choice. They typically provide a smoother, even finish.

Round Brushes

Chalk paint brushes often come with a rounded shape and wooden handles with a leather strap for convenient storage on hooks. They come in large and small brush sizes so you can pick the perfect size for you. They’re most often seen with a pure bristle like boar hair.

Oval Brush

Oval brushes are also a popular shape for chalk paint brushes. Like round brushes, they come in smaller brush and large brush sizes. The larger brushes feature long bristles and can hold a large amount of paint.

Flat Brush

A flat brush is great for getting into the nooks and corners of your projects. The bigger flat brushes are good for covering large areas, especially if you’re painting walls.

Chip Brushes

A chip brush is very versatile and can be used for many things, but with chalk paint it’s typically used for dry brushing and feathering. The high-quality bristles don’t fall out as easily and you can use this brush when painting or waxing.

Foam Brushes

You can also use foam brushes and in fact, some chalk paint brands have a special foam brush to use on cabinetry for a smoother finish. Foam brushes are also recommended for milk paint.

Best Tips and Techniques

There are several techniques you can use to get the finish you desire on your project. Annie Sloan’s site is a wealth of knowledge when you are wanting to try new looks.

But I have a few tips I’ve discovered over my years of chalk painting, as well. I wrote an ultimate guide on painting with chalk paint but you can keep reading for some quick advice!

Brush Strokes vs Smooth Finish

If you’re wanting a more pronounced brush stroke on your furniture, natural brushes with pure bristles are a good option. The organic feel of the natural hair will give the finish some texture.

When desiring a smooth coverage, a good idea is dipping your brush in warm water before applying thin coats of chalk paint. Chalk paint is a thick paint and using the brush damp helps the finish go on evenly for the first coat and consecutive coats of paint.

Multiple Coats

Giving your piece a second coat of paint will give it a beautiful, lasting finish. If you’re painting over a piece with a dark stain, you’ll want to use a primer before the chalk paint to seal it so the stain doesn’t bleed through.


If you’re wanting your next project to have a natural finish that will distress over time you can skip the waxing.

If you want the finish to last a long time or to give the finish an antique look, you’ll want to use a wax paint brush. Sometimes you can use the same brush for paint and wax, depending on the type of brush and consistency of wax. I also wrote a post on the pros and cons of wax and how to give your project a wax finish.

Some waxes are thinner and go on best with a brush made from synthetic fibers. Other waxes like Annie sloan are thicker and do better with a brush made from natural boar bristles. Check with the specific brand you’re using to know the best brushes.

Whether you’re wanting a smooth finish or the natural brush strokes to show through, there’s a right kind of brush for you.

You don’t want to cheap out on a chalk brush that doesn’t hold on to the paint well or has loose bristles that come out while you’re painting. The right brush will be high-quality with flexible bristles.

Special Brush Care

When cleaning out your chalk paint brush you can simply rinse it out with warm water. If some paint has dried on the bristles, use a small amount of mild soap to get it clean.

You can also invest in an all-natural cleaner and conditioner for chalk paint brushes. Vintage Tonality carries one made from coconut oil, lavender, and goat milk.

Best Chalk Paint Brushes

Without further ado, here are my top picks for the 20 best paint brushes for chalk paint (hint, #3 is my favorite)!

1. Lowe’s Chalky Paint and Wax Brush

Lowe’s chalky paint and wax brush comes with an ergonomic wood handle for easy grip and can be used with latex or oil-based paints.

Why I love it: This polyester blend oval brush can be used for both chalk paint and wax.

Chalky Paint and Wax Natural Bristle - Polyester Blend Oval 1-1/8-in Paint Brush
  • Oval paint brush designed for use with chalky paint and waxes
  • Ergonomic wooden handle for comfortable painting
  • Stainless steel ferrule resists corrosion
  • Suitable for use with latex and oil based paints
  • Natural bristle and polyester blended filaments
  • Reusable

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2. Brossum Brush

Brossum chalk and wax paint brushes were designed with quality and affordability in mind. The owners set out to create a fabulous brush that didn’t break the bank and the reviews lend to their success. The all natural bristles give an organic finish to any piece.

Why I love it: Budget-friendly, high-quality brush – what’s not to love?!

Brossum Large 2-in-1 Round Chalk and Wax Paint Brush

We worked with an expert team of paint brush designers and created the Brossum chalk and wax brush to stick it to the expensive brushes!

Now, we've sold thousands of them across the Globe, to happy DIY'ers like yourself.

Brossum, the leading chalk brush alternative to the expensive ones.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

3. Country Chic

I had the opportunity to work with Country Chic paints last year and loved it. Their paint is fantastic. Plus they’re the #1 selling chalk style paint on Amazon at the writing of this post.

What I loved even more was their chalk paint brush! While it has an oval shape, it’s flat enough to reach into nooks and corners and the coverage is fantastic. Also, if you’re looking for vegan, this brush is for you!

Why I love it: The shape makes it easy to use and the synthetic bristles make for a smooth finish, plus it’s a great vegan option!

Our Pick
Chalk Style Paint Brush - Oval Brush with Synthetic Bristles for Smooth Furniture Paint
  • Synthetic bristles: Ideal for water-based paint to create a smooth finish with no brush strokes.
  • Vegan: Contain no animal bi-products. Not tested on animals.
  • Dense bristles: Densely packed bristles allow the brush to hold lots of paint so you can get more out of each brush stroke.
  • No shedding: High quality bristles means you won?t have to constantly pull bristles out of your paint.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:39 pm GMT

4. BB Frösch Starter Kit with Brushes

BB Frosch is revolutionizing the chalk paint world! Add their all-natural mineral paint powder to ANY brand and color of latex paint to turn it into chalk paint! Their starter kit comes with everything you need for a project – or three. Their brushes are made in the United States and can be used for applying paint or wax.

Why I love it: First thing, to be able to turn any paint into chalk paint is amazing – the color options are endless! But also, the bristles on their brushes are thicker than the average chalk paint brush, lending a natural feel!

BB Frosch Starter Kit, 100% All-Natural Ingredients

Wax and Paint Brush - Includes paint brush made in the U.S.A from natural chisel-tipped bristles that are twice the size of competing brands. The contoured, chiseled- bristle head is ideal for paint or wax application.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/21/2024 09:19 am GMT

5. DIYArtz Chalk Brush

DIY Artz chalk paint brushes are made from 100% natural boar bristles and come with a leather strap for convenient storage. With over 3,000 ratings and 4.5 stars, their brushes are a hit with DIYers!

Why I love it: This set includes every size brush you need at an affordable price. Also, they pride themselves on minimal shedding so the bristles don’t get into your finish.

Chalk and Wax Paint Brush (Set of 6) for Waxing & Painting Projects – 100% Natural Boar Bristles

PROFESSIONAL GRADE RESULTS: 100% Natural pure boar bristles create a more traditional, textured look and hand painted charm for your DIY paint projects. Oval shaped head of chalk paint brush fits easily into contoured and profiled surfaces and distributes paint evenly.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

6. Dixie Belle

According to their site, the Dixie Belle “Best Dang Brush” features bristles from a natural blend and is designed for painting, blending, and waxing.

Why I love it: The bristles are soft which allows for a smooth finish without the brush strokes.

Dixie Belle Paint Company | Best Dang Brush

The Best Dang Brush is a 2-inch natural blend that is excellent for painting, blending, and/or waxing. The unfinished ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable hold while painting. The bristles are designed to pick up paint or wax and dispense uniform amounts of product for quick, even painting. The soft flexibility of the natural blend bristle brushes eliminates brush strokes. The Best Dang Brush can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap.

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7. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Brush

Annie Sloan is the mother of chalk paint. While one of the pricier options, you can be sure their products are high-quality and the brushes are no exception. Available in three different sizes for convenience.

Why I love them: Annie Sloan’s chalk paint brushes are known for giving furniture a vintage finish with lots of texture and character.

Chalk Paint® Brushes | Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan’s bristle Chalk Paint® Brushes are perfect for producing a textured, vintage finish. The bristles are strong, yet pliable, and are made of predominately pure bristle with natural split ends, allowing you to paint expressively.

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8. Infinity Elementz

With over 5,000 ratings on Amazon and 4.5 stars, DIYers are raving about this set of high-quality brushes for a fraction of the cost of other brands. It comes with a chalk paint and wax brush to get the job done right.

Why I love it: Highly rated for not shedding and giving a stroke-free finish. Plus, you can’t beat that price!

Professional Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Set

Large DIY Painting and Waxing Tool | Smooth, Natural Bristles | Folk Art, Home Décor, Wood Projects, Furniture, Stencils | Reusable (Large Small 2pc)

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9. Vintage Tonality Brush Set

This set from Vintage Tonality comes with everything you need, from different brush sizes to a special soap for cleaning. They’re brushes are designed to give a vintage finish to furniture. DIYers are fans of the longevity of these brushes!

Why I love it: With proper care, these affordable brushes will last for years and the soap that’s included in the set is all-natural!

Vintage Tonality Pro Chalk & Wax Paint Brush Set

12 piece kit: 3 paint brushes + 9 extras for professional results on DIY furniture painting projects

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 11:19 pm GMT

10. Jolie Signature Brush

Jolie’s signature brush is made with stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about rust and is designed to hold more paint for great coverage.

Why I love it: This versatile brush can be used on everything, even walls!

Jolie Signature Brush
  • Full-bodied paint brush that holds more paint, giving excellent coverage with added efficiency
  • Made from the perfect combination of natural boar & synthetic bristles for extreme durability & increased longevity
  • Paint beautiful finishes with Jolie Paint or Jolie Finishing Wax on furniture, cabinets, walls, and home accessories
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 11:39 pm GMT

11. Annie Sloan Wax Brushes

Specifically made to use with wax, these brushes bear mentioning because of their shape. Available in small and large, the shape of the head is designed to get into the intricate details of a piece of furniture. Especially great if you’re using white or dark wax to highlight.

Why I love it: Anything from Annie Sloan is going to be high-quality. This brush will last for years to come with proper care and you can’t beat the design for intricate detail.

Chalk Paint® Wax Brushes | Annie Sloan

Made of predominately pure bristle with natural split ends. They feature ergonomically shaped handles for the effortless application of finishing coats of wax onto painted surfaces. They are shaped to a point to assist with working wax into intricate, detailed areas and tight corners.

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12. Country Chic Angled Brush

I believe you always need a good angled brush in your arsenal when painting with chalk paint. This brush from Country Chic comes in multiple sizes and boasts a smooth finish.

Why I love it: Its angled bristles help you get in difficult corners and nooks.

Chalk Style Paint Brush - Country Chic

Short-Handle Brush with Synthetic Angled Bristles for Smooth Furniture Paint Application with Minimal Brush Strokes, No Shedding, Vegan - Best for Water-Based Paint - 2"

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:54 pm GMT

13. Heirloom Traditions Sponge

Heirloom Traditions applicator sponge was created to remove brush strokes by stippling after applying their no-wax chalk style all-in-one paint.

Other brands offer a similar product but theirs comes with a built in handle for ease of use. Designed to give a professional sprayed on finish when used with their products.

Why I love it: While not technically a chalk paint brush, it is used with chalk paint to give a smooth, professional finish making it a great choice for cabinets!

Heirloom Traditions: 2 Pack-True Applicator Sponge (Reusable)
  • Stipple Away Brush Strokes!
  • Built in Handle
  • Get a professional sprayed on finish when used with Finish All In One Paint and a Syntec Chalk Brush
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:24 pm GMT

14. Heirloom Traditions Chalk Paint Kit

Heirloom Traditions has designed a no-wax, chalk paint and primer in one product. Hence the tagline, “All-in-one.” They’ve designed a special chalk paint brush to use with their paint in conjunction with their applicator sponge for a smooth finish. This kit also comes with their foam rollers for larger projects. Check out their tutorials here.

Why I love it: The kit comes with everything you need to get a flawless finish on projects big and small!

Heirloom Traditions Tool Trio
  • 1 Syntec Brush 
  • 1 True Applicator 2-Pack
  • 1 Foam Roller 2pk.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/21/2024 09:39 am GMT

15. DIY Artz Chip Brush

Chip brushes are great for dry brushing, feathering, and applying wax. DIY Artz offers their high-quality chip brush with a set of smaller chalk paint brushes for a very affordable price.

Why I love it: Dry brushing and feathering add depth and character to your project and DIY Artz has developed a professional grade chip brush at a price anyone can afford!

DIYARTZ 3 Piece Paint Brush Set
$14.99 ($7.50 / Count)

Perfect for Chalk and Wax Paint, Natural Bristles, Thick and Durable

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 11:24 pm GMT

16. Mr. Pen .7 Inch Chalk Paint Brush

This thin paint brush by Mr. Pen is perfect for the intricate details of chalk painting. It’s unique size and shape make it very versatile and easy to use.

Why I love it: Perfect for small projects and pieces with a lot of detail!

Mr. Pen- Chalk Paint Brush, 0.7 Inch
  • The Perfect Paint Brush For Wax, Paint And Chalk. Great For All Fine Art, Hobby, Chalk Paints, Faux Finishing, Stenciling, And Wax Finishing.
  • 0.7 Inch Round Chalk Paint Brush Lets You Paint Details And Small Items More Efficiently
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:29 pm GMT

17. Chalk Mountain Large Palm Brush

Palm brushes are easy to hold, especially if you suffer from arthritis. The comfortable handle makes working on projects a breeze.

Why I love it: The ergonomic handle means less pressure on your wrist and more control.

Chalk Mountain Large Palm Brush

LARGE Palm waxing, upholstery, Paint & Stenciling Boar Hair Bristle Brush - Perfect for those with Arthritic Hands - 100% Designed just for you!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:49 pm GMT

18. Colorantic Oval Chalk Paint Brush

Colorantic boasts that their brushes are made from twice-boiled synthetic bristles to maintain integrity. This versatile brush can be used with multiple types of paint including milk and latex in addition to chalk.

Why I love it: You can use this brush with any type of paint making it an easy go-to choice.

Colorantic | Professional Chalk and Milk Paint Brush

PREMIUM SYNTHETIC BRISTLES - Our bristles, made of twice-boiled synthetic, are firmly set to maintain bristle integrity. It works great for any chalk type paints, milk paint, latex paint, Stencils, Artists, Crafters, Furniture Restorers, Interior Decorators and more.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/21/2024 10:24 am GMT

19. Staalmeester Furniture Paint Brush

Made with a beechwood handle for longevity, the Staalmeester brush was designed with quality in mind. DIYers love it for its smooth and easy application.

Why I love it: The perfect brush for a stroke-free finish.

Staalmeester Brush - J - Oval 2010 Series - #45 (48mm) - 1.8 inch
  • Beechwood handle
  • Suitable for use with synthetic and water based paints
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:04 pm GMT

20. Annie Sloan Wall Paint Brush

Some chalk paints boast that you can use them to paint your walls. This special brush by Annie Sloan is perfect for doing just that! High-quality and large in size, this flat shaped brush will help you get the job done quickly.

Why I love it: The size and shape, not to mention quality of the brush, will give your walls a beautiful finish.

Wall Paint Brushes | Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint Brushes are made from synthetic fibres, designed specifically for the smooth and easy application of paint. They feature a high bristle count, which means they load more paint onto the brush, allowing you to cover large areas well.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Paint Brushes for Chalk Paint: In Conclusion

There are a ton of options out there when you’re looking for the perfect chalk paint brush for your project. Which one you choose will depend on your specific needs.

The good news is there is the right brush for you no matter your project or price range and now that I’ve done the research for you, happy painting!

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